Running Display in Conjunction With Your CTV Campaigns

The Importance of Running Display in Conjunction With Your CTV Campaigns

Running Connected TV campaigns without also running display campaigns significantly limits the potential reach and impact of your campaigns. CTV excels in delivering targeted, high-quality content directly to viewers, offering a personalized advertising experience. However, it is most effective when combined with display advertising. Display ads ensure re-engagement going from the big screen to mobile, tablet, and desktops. This strategy not only extends brand presence but also increases the frequency of ad exposures and reach as display CPMs are exponentially lower.

Additionally, display advertising addresses a critical limitation of CTV: the lack of clear and direct attribution. Unlike CTV, display ads are clickable, offering a straightforward path for consumers to engage further with a brand. This interaction is easily tracked, allowing for precise attribution of conversions and other desired actions.

In conclusion, integrating CTV with display advertising maximizes campaign reach and engagement and significantly enhances attribution capabilities, a key component in optimizing marketing strategies. This synergy allows marketers to track the consumer journey from CTV ad impressions to display ad clicks, offering a comprehensive view of cross-platform performance. Understanding which combinations of messages and platforms drive conversions enables more effective budget allocation and campaign optimization, ensuring a higher return on investment. Together, CTV and display advertising create the ideal media mix that drives better outcomes by delivering a consistent brand message across multiple touchpoints.

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