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Social Strategies That Are Actually Social

Establish your social media presence with data-driven strategies that target your specific audience. SilverBack's social media experts use a measured approach to serve relevant ads to engaged audiences.

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Look Beyond Facebook

As Facebook evolves into a singular product within a bigger Meta world, Your Facebook ads stay agile with unique playbooks and real time data.

With new platforms entering the market regularly, your business can't afford to ignore social media outside of Facebook. SilverBack's digital experts know how to make a footprint on Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest and more.

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Employee Quick Tip

Since always, content has been king for social media, even more so now with the consumption of short videos on platforms; having a hook for retention is essential to achieve action. However, this is no longer a problem with good storytelling and the use of generative AI; we can have good content. The focus now should be on data; what cannot be measured cannot be improved, and the use of data is fundamental in social media. A/B testing is everything to identify what works best in a digitally crowded world bombarded with lots of advertising. The generation and validation of hypotheses are the new king.