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Personalized Dashboards For The Metrics That Matter To You

No two clients are alike. Your unique business needs a matching unique data set that tells the full story. SilverBack's personalized real-time dashboard lets you see the data that's important to you. No wait. No monthly report. Just real-time results waiting at your fingertips, 24/7.



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As media continues to evolve and splinter into new platforms, your audience follows. SilverBack's experts follow the data and technology to ensure your ads only land in front of relevant audiences, wherever they may be.

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SilverBack combines a personalized strategy with engaging creative telling your story to an audience ready to take the next step. Your company's story and what separates you from the competition takes center stage with data-driven targeting to get results.

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SilverBack's team of advertising experts executes your campaign and makes real-time adjustments to optimize your strategy. Consistent communication with our vendors and our clients help create an environment for best-case results each cycle.

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The Gorilla Gauge dashboard gives quick and accurate measurements for all of your campaigns. SilverBack's team keeps constant watch on your strategies and gives feedback to bring out the best results, and our clients see the same results in real-time for total transparency.

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Your unique strategy dictates which metrics tell the story of your campaign performance. SilverBack's team tracks your key performance indicators showing where the campaigns had success and identify new opportunities to optimize and grow your business.

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Growth is the ultimate goal of every campaign SilverBack executes. Consistent long-term growth of your market share is the true measure of success. Vision, strategy, and month-to-month optimization create the recipe to reach your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gorilla Gauge?

Gorilla Gauge is our data visualization performance hub. See your advertising campaigns from an executive high-level down to the granular details. For full transparency, clients are granted access to the platform. See your marketing dollars at work.

What information does my Gorilla Gauge dashboard display?

The dashboard starts with a high level executive summary encompassing key performance metrics. Each advertising tactic that is currently running broken down in detail. You can isolate by product (OTT, Facebook, SEO) and drill in further to campaign and grouping levels.

Is the data in my dashboard real-time data?

Different data is fetched at different time intervals. 90% of the information in the Gorilla Gauge is real-time. Gorilla Gauge is on a 24 hour time frame—so you'll see previous days data. A few metrics are on a 2 to 4 week time delay. This is because some of the data pulled must be stripped of PII (personal identification information) and then matched in our ad buy platforms. This is to adhere strictly to all user privacy data topics and recommendations.

How do I access the Gorilla Gauge dashboard?

You will receive a personal login in and access to

What kind of reports will I receive?

You'll have on demand access to reports for each channel. Each month you will have calls with one of our team members who provide the story behind the data, get your feedback, answer your questions, and recommend changes.