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The AI Overhaul: Unlocking New Possibilities for Auto Dealers

Sure, we've all HEARD about AI; ChatGPT, Google's BARD and the other entries into the AI marketplace. What they can do is amazing and it's largely uncharted territory. If you haven't spent any time playing with them, I encourage you to spend a little time asking it some questions and familiarizing yourself with the possibilities.

The more time I spent asking it questions, the more I found myself wondering, how, specifically, can we use it in the Automotive Industry?

Then I met Steve Baylis. He is formerly the Marketing Director at Trotman Auto Group and is now the Founder of Dealer Ignition. Steve has a lot of great examples on practical application of AI to an auto dealership. So, I recorded a podcast about it.

As an example of what AI can do, I asked ChatGPT to write all the "copy" around the podcast. The description of the podcast (that you're see if you click to listen) was written by chat GPT. Although I wrote this article, ChatGPT wrote the title. It also wrote the title to the podcast and all the social media posts I made about it across LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter.

Click HERE to give it a listen.

-Matt Wilson, Digital Operations Manager, SilverBack Advertising