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Let’s Talk Programmatic Advertising

When you're sitting down watching your favorite Hulu show and a commercial pops up, that's all thanks to programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is a very popular method brands like to use for good reason.

Programmatic advertising is so popular because of how easy it is to use. Unlike traditional media, there is no "manual work." It's as simple as creating one singular ad, signing up to a programmatic ad platform, choosing a target audience, and the rest the platform handles.

The five components of programmatic advertising—Demand-Side Platforms, Supply-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Ad Servers, and Data Providers—are used to place adverts on various websites and media channels.

One of the main advantages of programmatic advertising is that it enables advertisers to make data-driven decisions, which boosts ad revenue. It also helps you target incredibly niche demographics, is cost-effective, and enables you to closely examine KPIs.

You have options when beginning with programmatic advertising to make sure the ad is optimized for your campaign. Some of those ad choices include display ads, video ads, in-video ads, social ads, audio ads and many others. So, with all those choices, your brand is going to be in good hands when using programmatic advertising.

Now that you know why you should use programmatic advertising, let's talk how. You must select a Demand Side Platform, a self-serve piece of software, in order to launch a programmatic advertising campaign on your own. Programmatic ad platforms and software are other names for them.

At SilverBack Advertising, we have the capability to launch your programmatic advertising campaign. Just call us today to talk more on how you can join the movement of programmatic advertising.