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HTML5 Display Ads and Why You Should Use Them

HTML5 display ads are becoming a more popular strategy for reaching potential customers. With animation and motion allowing for limitless creativity, they are a great method for capturing attention and increasing engagement. Check out a few tips on why your company should be embracing using HTML5 and some best practices:

Improved CTR

HTML5 ads garner more attention and engagement thanks to their visual style, and boast a far superior click-through rate than their static companions. Studies estimate rich media and HTML5 banners out-click static by over 250%. This bottom-line improvement alone makes the switch to HTML5 worth the possible increased production cost.

On top of the improved CTR, the ads also stand out compared to static banners, making them more memorable even after they've been scrolled past.

Creativity on Any Scale

Nearly all operating systems and browsers are compatible with HTML5. Whether on a laptop, tablet, or phone, your ad will display the same way. This gives a big advantage to companies targeting audience through mobile, as scalability fits the ad in a larger percentage of the screen for the user to view.

It's also recommended to create ads specifically for larger screens as well, where visual options grow wider and your content can be more aggressive to capture attention.

Track Beyond Just Getting Clicks

With an optimized and well-designed set of HTML5 banners, make sure your company makes the most of them in your display network. A top-level programmatic advertising platform like SilverBack Advertising's Data Fusion can track engagements beyond just click-throughs, including location tracking of people who viewed the ad as well as website attribution of people who looked up your company later.

Make sure your ads are built and tracked for success with help from experts. Contact the team at SilverBack Advertising today about how to bring your display advertising to the next level!