How to overcome Ad Blockers in 2023

If you're advertising in 2023, your digital budget is a cornerstone of your strategy to reach more people. But with the rise of digital advertising, there has been a concurrent rise in the use of internet ad blockers. Over a quarter of American internet users use some form of ad blocking technology, so how can you be sure your message is still making it to the most people possible? Below are a trio of strategies your company should be using to overcome the challenge of ad blockers -

1. Native Advertising

Native advertising blends in with the content of a website. These ads often look like a link to a new story at the bottom of the page, or a natural suggestion that's populated in a feed. Native ads are presented in a way that does not disrupt the user's experience on the website. Ad blockers often fail to detect native ads, as they appear to be part of the website.

2. Personalized Advertising

The more personalized your content and targeting is, the more likely it is to be deemed as relevant by ad blockers and less likely to be blocked. Less intrusive marketing campaigns tend to be highly effective, so personalizing your ads as much as possible and targeting users by behavior is a must to successfully elude ad blocking softward.

3. Video Advertising

There's a huge market in the digital space for video ads now. Every major social media platform hosts video ads, as do nearly all news websites from local stations to national networks. OTT and Streaming Video advertising is becoming increasingly popular, and ad blockers aren't keeping up. Ad blockers often don't identify video ads as ads, as most of their programming is targeting display placements. Video ads are more likely to make it to the user, so a wide range of sites to place on is your best bet for getting in front of more people.

What do these three strategies have in common? They are all part of SilverBack's Data Fusion Marketing. Personalized targeting, premium placements on connected TV and OTT, supported with a wide inventory of display placements including native ads, Data Fusion is built to get to every user whether they use an ad blocker or not. Call the digital experts at SilverBack Advertising today and learn more about how Data Fusion works!