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Holiday Marketing 2023: Quick Insights

While brands gear up for one of the biggest shopping events of the year, marketers adjust to the obvious shift in consumer behavior as online shopping has continued to gain momentum. Drive Research writes that consumers are opting out of in-store shopping, "68% of consumers will choose to shop online for their holiday deals and 66% on Cyber Monday."

Retailboss writes that "Amazon will be the most popular places to shop online during Cyber Week 2023, with a substantial 88% of shoppers planning to visit during Black Friday weekend". This trend towards online shopping can be attributed to the ease and convenience offered by online retailers, as well as wider range of platforms, products, and deals.

Both Google and Microsoft released their holiday marketing playbook as early as August of this year. Google's Holiday playbook focuses on the use of AI-driven tools, their expanded Google Product Studio, as well as seasonal adjustments, and proactive optimizations.

Microsoft's "Festive Season Marketing Playbook" encourages marketers to plan early, noting the importance of October clicks in a world of deal-seeking consumers. Last year this writer urged marketers to have their holiday strategy in place well before Halloween. According to Microsoft, marketers should start their budgeting and launches even earlier, "brands saw a 44% spike in website visits and purchases in September".

But what products will make your brand stand out? There's no typical path to purchase anymore. According to Google, "61% of holiday shoppers use 5 or more channels to shop over just a two-day period". This data suggests marketers should focus a sizable budget toward a multi-channel approach to reach consumers across different platforms.

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