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In the latest episode of Mostly Marketing with Matt Wilson, titled "EV Adoption" we get to know, Jim Johnson, Vice President, Account Planning & Lead of Automotive Industry Solutions at VDX.tv.

We dive into the realm of Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption and talk about how marketing EVs is different from marketing gas powered vehicles. We discuss the pivotal role of dealerships in fostering further adaptation of EVs. Is the dealer where the rubber meets the road?

Beyond the confines of marketing strategies and dealership dynamics, we delve into the profound societal implications of EV adoption. From individuals to entire communities, the shift towards the EV lifestyle necessitates a reevaluation of our everyday routines and habits.

Does owning an EV fit into your lifestyle?

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious observer, this discussion offers invaluable insights into the future of mobility and the pivotal role of Electric Vehicles in shaping tomorrow's world.

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