Jayden Daniels

Create a Winning Campaign

Jayden Daniels is no doubt the best player in college football this year. Yep, That Kid Jayden. That Louisiana transplant who won the Heisman this year.

If you are a football fan you may have noticed billboards popping up all around that country with Jayden's picture towards the end of football season. Those billboards went up right after Jayden shattered college football records, including that of his predecessor, Joe Burrow, who won the Heisman just three years earlier.

Jayden wasn't just a college football player - he was part of LSU's brand. He was the brand. Before Jayden won the Heisman, LSU was gonna make sure everyone around the country knew who he was. So, a campaign was born.

Marketing Plan at Play

First, LSU created a web page dedicated to telling his story: his bio, his stats, videos, awards, and what made him stand out.

Next, LSU announced via social media that they were putting up billboards around the country to "let the world know that the best player in college football was That Kid Jayden." Billboards went up in Seattle, Washington, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Detroit, Michigan and the campaign for LSU star Jayden Daniels to win the Heisman Trophy even reached Las Vegas — and the Tigers didn't even play a game in the city.

It didn't take long before Jayden Daniels exploded on social media. A few social media stats on this Heisman brand campaign:

· Since his transfer to LSU in the Spring of 2022, Jayden Daniels brand has had over 641k mentions on social media, with a reach of 4.06 billion (Cody Worsham, LSU Sports Chief Brand Officer, tweet on 12.2.23)

· The day before the Heisman ceremony, Jayden Daniels Campaign for Heisman reached 7.8 million on 7.7k social media mentions, more than his competitors Bo Nix (62.7 million, 6.8k mentions) or Michael Penix (57.4 million, 3.8k mentions) (Cody Worsham, LSU Sports Chief Brand Officer, tweet on 12.2.23)

· After winning the Heisman, LSU announced Daniels' post Heisman campaign reach:

o 1.58 million engagements

o 38.1 million impressions

o 253.9 million reached

o 8.2 million video views

o 236.3k earned mentions

o 1.1 million earned engagements

o 2.36 billion earned

o 377 published messages

o 6 billboard

o 4 episodes

Creating Winning Content

What story are you telling? Are you leveraging your staff, clients and brand to help your reach? Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a winning campaign:

· Update your SEO content regularly - there is always something new and trendy! What is your target audience buying? Are you updating this at least monthly?

· Be social! Are you capturing pictures of happy clients and staff and posting to your social media channels? People are more likely to interact with a post of their friends and people they know versus a generic sales pitch post.

· Don't be afraid to try traditional media! Although marketing has shifted to digital, it never hurts to supplement your digital media with a traditional component like a billboard, TV ad or even a newspaper or magazine ad.

Aren't sure where to start? Let SilverBack be your guide! We would love to help you create a winning campaign.