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Coming Up Next On Netflix

We've seen Netflix go through many changes throughout the years. I can remember a time when you'd have to wait in the mail to have your DVD arrive, and now it's accessible at the tip of your fingers whenever and wherever you want. From snail mail to instant accessibility, it's quite a change, but they can't stop there as technology continues to change and evolve. All that evolution brings us to the current state of the platform, and one of the newest changes (besides the dreaded kicking you off the account if you aren't in the same physical address fiasco) they've introduced is their ad-supported plan.

They followed suit to what other streaming services were doing by adding their standard with ads plan to their list of services. It is the cheapest of the plans, coming in at $6.99 per month with almost the same features as their standard $15.49 plan that features no ads. Their pricing is competitive compared to some of the earlier adopting platforms, such as Hulu, Disney+, and Max, whose basic plans with ads range from about $8-$10.

About a year ago, their ad-supported plan had about 5 million active users. That number is now up to 40 million active users globally. As their ad-supported plan grows in popularity, it only makes sense that we will see new changes come along with it. Microsoft will be joined by The Trade Desk, Google's Display & Video 360 and Magnite to be Netflix's main programmatic partners, until they launch their own in-house ad tech later. They'll also be joining Amazon later this year by streaming "NFL's two Christmas Day games, and will be streaming at least one holiday game each year as part of a three-season deal."

Continually evolving and adapting is necessary to stay competitive in the digital world. Just like Netflix, if you're ready to expand more into the digital realm of advertising, especially but not limited to programmatic, SilverBack Advertising is here to help!