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Building a Stronger Branding Message

In a world of options, what sets you apart from your competition? It's your branding message. In the digital age that we live in where options are everywhere at the tip of your fingers; building, creating, and maintaining a strong branding message has never been more important. Let's go over some tips and ideas that can help strengthen your branding message.

Have A Clear and Concise Message

  • Make sure that the messaging or incentives that you want to highlight are simple and clear. Don't overwhelm the consumer which lengthy propositions when you only have those first couple seconds to grab their attention.

Highlight What Is Unique About YOU

  • Consumers can go anywhere, physically or virtually, to find what they are looking for, so let's lead them to you by highlighting what makes you unique. Whether that's a longer extended warranty, price-matching, or whatever special value to the consumer you want to promote, make sure that value proposition is prominently displayed in your advertising or website.

Build Trust with Your Audience

  • Building trust with your audience is a great opportunity to show your authority and trustworthiness in your market while also providing you with a chance to highlight your ties to the local communities around you. Once trust is established, they may be more willing to inquire more about what they are interested in with less hesitation than if they had no background knowledge of you.

  • This could be a great opportunity to leverage reviews left by past customers to strengthen your authority in your marketing space and local community. You can incorporate these into your video advertising using an overlay that displays the reviews scrolling across the screen during the dynamic video. If you'd like to learn more about this, please feel free to contact us.

Consistency Is Key

  • You could have a strong branding message, but if it isn't consistent across your advertising efforts, then it won't be as effective. All your efforts across tactics and platforms should be working harmoniously and complementing each other. This allows for better retention by the consumer. While you could have different catchy and memorable messages, it could muddy the main message that you are trying to convey. Instead, when there is one clear message being conveyed, it is much easier for them to remember who it was from, no matter the original source.

Keep It Fresh

  • Keeping it consistent doesn't mean that you need to have the same creatives running for so long that they are stagnant, and consumers develop ad blindness to them. Test out new creatives every so often and experiment with some new types of creatives like HTML5 to keep things fresh and eye-catching. Even a little pop of color could make all the difference in someone noticing you versus your competitor.

If you ever need help strengthening your branding, messaging, or advertising, please contact SilverBack Advertising today!