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Winning the Onboarding Game

By Cady Carreras

First impressions matter. The first three months with a new client could make or break your relationship. This makes an agency's client onboarding the most influential process in their arsenal.

An ideal onboarding acts as a preview of your service. It is efficient, transparent, and organized, making for a smooth way to build trust and rapport with your new client. It often includes team introductions, goal setting, and timeline and deliverables planning.

Inefficient and confusing onboarding can lead to bad client retention and lost profits. Leadsie attests "Mediocre agencies don't pay attention to the onboarding process; great agencies understand the importance of making it as smooth as possible".

Here are a few ways to ensure your agency's onboarding process is smooth and effective for both your team and your new client:

Utilize project management software and automation workflow.

From the moment the contract is signed, your team should be prepared and aware of the necessary steps it will take to onboard the new client and launch their campaigns. Implement a scalable and easy-to-follow process for every member of your team. Using project management software and automation workflow across the channels your agency uses could keep your team on the same page in the onboarding process.

Transparency, Clear & Often Communication is Key

Speak often to your client during onboarding and provide clear expectations of what and when your agency will deliver. Transparency between you and your client helps to avoid any misunderstandings and miscommunication. Plan a kickoff meeting to introduce your team to your client. A kickoff meeting often helps "put a face to a name" and builds personal relationships. During the kickoff meeting, ensure your client understands the products, deliverables, and campaign duration. Use this opportunity to get feedback on the strategy and make them aware of the plan and timeline for the next three months.

Make Your Resources Their Resources

Give your new client the resources to track the progress of their campaigns, anticipate marketing plans, and measure campaign success. Set up automated metric reporting and/or client reporting dashboards to make it easy for the client to see wins, optimizations, and recommendations. When the client sees your hard work, the more you'll gain their trust and continued partnership.

The onboarding process is an important step in fostering your new client relationship. A good and scalable onboarding establishes transparency and clear communication, reinforcing your client's decision to choose your agency for their marketing efforts.

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