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Embracing Email Marketing In the Post-Pandemic Era

By Cady Carreras

As the world settles into the post-pandemic era, it is clear that the "new-normal" is here to stay. Consumers' behaviors, values, and attitudes have shifted, forcing marketers to upend their strategies and adapt to a new set of rules that define the post-Covid era.

2020's events accelerated consumers' path to purchase expectations. This has prompted marketers to adopt strategies that better utilize personal data, serve relevant and personalized content, and seamlessly navigate customers through their purchase journey.

One tactic that proved successful during and after the pandemic was email marketing, where consumer engagement and open rates saw a clear uptick. Embracing this tactic allows marketers to deliver on consumers' rising expectations, by ditching the "one-size fits all approach."

Marketers are increasingly using customer data to create and deliver more personalized and relevant email marketing promotions to their customers. 47% of US consumers prefer emails with coupons and promotions, according to September 2020 data from Fluent. This idea may seem elementary, but the growing demand for emails has significantly increased. The use of email marketing paired with the right timing allows organizations to stand out amongst a crowded inbox and target the appropriate consumer with the right content at a time they are most likely to purchase.

SilverBack Advertising embraces the change in consumer ideals and can improve the effectiveness of your brand's email marketing through consumer-focused content and predictive data.

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