Unlocking the Power of Local Advertising: Robbins & Franke Tires & Auto Repairs 

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Create highly targeted & measurable campaigns to serve their customers.

Driving more traffic & results, keeping service bays full.


New audiences are constantly sought out by Data Fusion through look-alike data, where the website and sales data helps build a picture of a customer most likely to be in the market for 'Auto Repair.'

By creating a circle shaped geographic placement, we focused on the surrounding 5-10 mile radius.

Our advertising channels for this campaign included Advanced Television placement into the local households on A&E and ABC Networks, TubiTV and more.

Data Fusion follows the audience to their favorite shows and programming, getting placements on inventory that your potential customer is most likely to be engaged in. Live sports, news programming, and your favorite streaming shows are all available for placement.

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Data Fusion Marketing

Combining the company's 1st party data of CRM and website traffic with 3rd party data to target those most likely to be in the market for 'Auto Repair'. Combine this strategy with specific Geofencing and the campaign is scalable to be as wide or narrow as best fits the strategy.

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We track the total customer journey from first impression to conversion. The Gorilla Gauge dashboard allows you to see the shortest and strongest paths to conversions, what creative gets the most clicks and where engagement is earning the most results.

SilverBack's digital team constantly tracks all campaigns and will offer insights and recommendations for best results.

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