Why A/B Testing Landing Pages Matters

Silverback Advertising

Measuring results is extremely important, but often unnoticed is the process of testing to know the importance of changes before applying them to a campaign. Because of this, Silverback Advertising is also always conducting experiments to get the most engaged shoppers for our clients.

We recently concluded a landing page performance experiment featuring two kinds of landing pages on clients’ websites with the same ad copy. One landing page is the model search result page and another is a custom model page. At the end of the experiment, our digital team reviewed the number of page views per click, average time on page, and the bounce rate in Google Analytics. The results show that paid search ads that link to the model search results page generally perform better than ads linking to the model page.  Visitors viewed more pages on the site, spent longer time, and had a lower bounce rate.

Now the best part: The main reason behind this result is simple: relevancy. When a potential customer conducts a search query, he/she is asking a question. Showing visitors the most relevant inventory in one click is the best answer to his/her questions. Visitors will spend more time interacting with the site instead of clicking around just to find the right vehicle. Not only does relevancy help acquire shoppers it also improves their Google Quality Score. Everything Google does is from the customer perspective. If the customer is more engaged in the ad result, you win in the auction (higher ad position, more clicks) and in the showroom!

Let Silverback put our analytics and testing specialists to work for your media and see how far you can climb when you combine efficient media management with campaign testing.


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