Going Public: How To Market Successfully On Your Website

Online Marketing

The internet changed the way companies do business and will continue to evolve how to best market your products; when marketing successfully on the internet, you should start with one goal: driving traffic to your site.

Customers and prospects come to your website looking for product information, pricing, and availability. You should be providing extensive information that makes it easy for your company and product to be found, and reasons to have visitors come back. You should make sure that the content on your website is clear, concise, well organized, up-to-date and optimized for the device they are using. Visitors coming to the site should know that you care about their time and what information is being provided. In order to get people talking about your company, you must give the consumer the information they need to spread the word!

Here are a few tips to make sure your website is reaching its full market potential:

Navigation: Your navigation is how a visitor finds his way around your site. Your navigation should appear in the form of links, buttons, or tabs. You can place navigation anywhere, but most likely you’ll find a navigation bar at the top on your site. Your navigation shouldn’t be cluttered, but rather provide clear, concise direction on where it takes the user.

Text: Not only should your site content be relevant and up to date, but it should also be readable – meaning everything should be legible. Websites should have easy-to-read fonts, readable font sizes (10-pt font at minimum), and color contrast – make sure your content is on a background that complements the text. Your call-to-actions should stand out, and any linkable text should be highlighted. Remember your shoppers eyes are going to be drawn to bold, vibrant text that stands out!

Readability: When customers visit websites, they often scan for what they are searching for. You should make sure the content on your website is easy to navigate through. Make sure you are using bold titles or headers, clear call-to-actions, and make sure you aren’t cluttering your site with any unnecessary content. Instead, try linkable text that will direct a buyer to click if they would like more information.

Content: One of the biggest problems with the internet is that there is so much information readily available at our fingertips. Your content should be original, and it should be useful. You want to make sure your potential clients are finding what they need without having to comb through masses of information. A customer should see that you care about what information is being providing, and updates are constantly being made. Don’t overwhelm your reader with any unnecessary clutter!

Mobile: Your consumers are mobile and your website should be efficient and effective. Make sure your site is mobile responsive. A Google AMP site will reduce page load time and increase conversions. Page load time is a leading reason why people bounce. You worked hard to get them to your site with a strong marketing campaign, don’t give them an easy reason to leave.

Implementing these basic concepts will help insure that you are attracting shoppers and keep them long enough to become buyers.


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