4 Benefits of Working with a Premier Google Partner

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In the fast-paced world of advertising, businesses must stay informed of all recent Google Advertising techniques, especially with Google leading the search market with almost 2 out of every 3 searches. A major key to SilverBack Advertising catapulting above the competition is being a Premier Google Partner, with our digital team and account managers all being Google Certified. The Premier Google Partnership status is the highest tier attainable to agencies, with only a small percentage of Google Partners achieving this rank. Here are four ways that benefits our organization and our clients:

group-41. We’re Tried and Tested.

Being a Premier Google Partner isn’t just a fancy title to show off. AdWords exams are annual certified exams of our skills and expertise as marketers that are updated as search, mobile, display, and video advertising evolves and expands.

2. Google Gives Early Access.

Google provides its Premier Partners with opportunities to beta test new products and services before releasing them to non-Premier businesses. This allows Premier organizations to improve results and stay ahead of other advertisers.

3. We Employ the Best Practices.

Premier Google Partners reach and maintain their status by constantly managing efficient AdWords campaigns. These agencies have proven their merit to Google of better performance and having more individuals certified in Adwords than just the regular Partner category.

4. We’re Up-to-Date in Mobile Marketing.

Our account managers not only passed the Adwords Fundamentals exam, but also the Mobile Advertising exam. A recently published comScore study revealed that over half of all unique visitors were from mobile devices. Having educated mobile search marketers on your side is not only smart but vital to effectively engage online shoppers.

So, next time you wonder who is the best pick for advertising, remember that the certified people are often the most qualified. Premier Google Partners provide a greater chance at running successful campaigns by consistently demonstrating their strengths as accomplished marketers and by continually keeping current with the best digital media practices.


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