Drew Erickson, Digital Director - Silverback Advertising

My name is Drew Erickson, and I have over 15 years of Digital Marketing and Digital Sales experience. I have worked at Cox Media Group for 11+ years, Digital Sales Manager at Spectrum Reach, Sales Manager at WBTV Charlotte and now Director of Digital for Silverback Advertising.  I pride myself on creating client-focused and integrated advertising and marketing campaigns that solve clients’ key marketing challenges.

I’ve worked from the actual production side of website development, social media, and creative design to marketing, then sales, and now I am in sales management. It is the hands-on experience from the production side that helps me translate the “why, how, and what” integrated media is about I love about my job coaching and training account executives to fully comprehend what a client needs and how to plan a course of action to bring success to their company. Seeing a company grow as a result of dedicated marketing plans is what makes my job so great!

I was fortunate to work at Cox Media Group for 11 years on Radio and Television and the experience in Cable.  This experience set the foundation of seeing the strengths and weaknesses of all advertising products and to learn when to use what based off the needs of a client.

From TV, Newspaper, Radio, Cable, and Digital, I have been fortunate to learn at Cox Media Group and Spectrum Reach.


Leading with a Data first mentality, we solve any client challenge with a robust and custom made Business Intelligence platform that gives the most efficient marketing budget allocation for every client’s needs.

Drew Erickson is the Director of Digital for Silverback AdvertisingConnect with me on LinkedIn