Case Study: Dealership in Atlanta looking for a niche audience within an irregular geography

Problem:  A large volume dealership in Atlanta was receiving an increasing amount of walk in customers and leads who had subprime credit.  This was creating a problem due to the time spent by the sales team who ending up not being able to finance the customer.

Plan:  Creating a cascading audience focusing on buying signals for a new vehicle who had good and better credit and then developing a custom geography that constantly morphs based on prospect footprints, Silverback Advertising created an omni channel campaign that aimed for the right customer.

Process:  Using a variety of data sources and Data Fusion’s evolving geographic prospecting tool, we assigned attribution metrics of physical visits, online conversions and inventory viewing, we utilized new video and display creative to target the right audience.

Performance:  The leads and walk-in customers immediately improved which increased their conversion rate by 28% and closing rate by 31% within 30 days of the campaign going live.  The campaign goal cost per conversion was 49% lower than benchmark.

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