Facebook Has Improved Ad Tools for Automotive Dealers

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Facebook has just improved two key advertising tools with new options for automotive dealers – Dynamic Ads for Auto and Lead Ads for Auto.

Facebook Dynamic Ads have been around for awhile, but now they’re easier for automotive dealerships to use and serve more relevant ads to car shoppers. Dynamic inventory ads are a great way to reach the right person at the right time, increasing engagement and conversions.

‍With a single integration, you can make sure that your most relevant vehicles are always being shown to potential auto buyers — allowing you to focus on closing the sale. – Facebook

What makes Dynamic Ads for Auto so effective for prospecting and finding new customers?

  • Scalability: Dynamically generate a unique ad for every vehicle in your inventory without having to configure each ad individually.
  • Relevance: Show people tailored ads based on interests and preferences they’ve demonstrated on your site, app or elsewhere on the web.
  • Multiple Touch Points: Serve the right product to the right person, no matter which device they use, whether they’re on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Facebook has also just improved Lead Ads for Auto!

SilverBack Advertising has been utilizing lead generation ads on Facebook for quite some time. Lead ads remove the friction of lead generation by making it easier for shoppers to subscribe to information from your dealership. Now, Facebook has added a new feature allowing users to set preferred appointment times.

Not familiar with Facebook lead gen ads? These targeted ads make contacting your dealership through Facebook seamless! A form loads pre-populated with the user’s information, making it convenient and simple to get in touch with you. This convenience for consumers means more leads for your dealership.

Other notable features of Facebook Lead Ads for Auto:

  • Dealership Locator: The locator feature helps people find your dealership, simplifying the next step in their discovery process.
  • Fullscreen Experience: Lead gen ads provide an immersive experience for users without forcing them to leave the platform.

If you want more information on how to leverage digital tools for your business or would like us to review your marketing plan and provide a complete scorecard, please reach out to us today!


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