Bing Ads Editor For Mac: 5 Things You Should Know

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Silverback Advertising was lucky enough to be part of the Microsoft pilot introducing Bing Ads Editor For Mac – meaning we were designated as an agency to test the new tool.

Bing Ads Editor For Mac Tips

Our digital team is comprised of Mac users, so news of trying Bing Ads Editor for Mac was exciting for our team, to say the least. Now the tool has been released to the public. Before you download it, here are our tips:

1. If changing or updating destination URLs, remember they are encoded. So brush up on your code.

Most common changes:

    • %3D is equal sign (=)
    • %26 is ampersand (&)
    • %2F%3F is question mark (?)

2. There is an option to select all campaigns in the account or single campaigns, but NOT select certain campaigns.

This gets the job done, if there are changes you want to make to two campaigns in an account, not ALL campaigns, then you’re going to have to make those changes twice.

3) There is an option to add and edit targeting based on a radius.

Radius can be based on a city or exact address.  When building local campaigns, this option is a huge time saver.

 Bing Ads Editor For Mac SEM Radius Targeting

4) Edit sitelinks within the “campaigns” organization in the left-side tree.

This is a bit different for anyone familiar with Adwords editor, in which the bulk of sitelinks changes happen in the shared library.

5) Look for alerts

Denoted by colored shapes and symbols, you’ll see alerts appear in certain areas of Bing Ads Editor for Mac after uploading changes. The big thing here is you won’t immediately be notified, you have to go look for them and do further digging as to the reason.

Bing Ads Editor For Mac Alerts Errors

All and all, if you’re familiar with Adwords Editor, you will be comfortable in Bing Ads Editor for Mac.



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