How To Benefit from Google Adwords New Quality Score Columns

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For many years advertisers have been frustrated with the ill-defined influences of Google Adwords quality score.

Yes, we’ve known the three major components of quality score are landing page quality, ad relevance, and anticipated CTR. Key things we haven’t known is if quality score is improving or declining and the specific component of quality score that is leading to that improvement or decline.  

Alas, Google Adwords has responded and released new quality score columns to clear up what is helping or harming your quality score and how quality score fares in comparison to the past.

Google Adwords Quality Score Columns Are Located On The Keyword Level

Why does tracking historical and current quality score matter?

The short answer is:  cost. The better the quality score, the less an advertiser pays for a click. That’s right, even if advertiser A bids the highest, advertiser B bidding less with a better quality score may receive a better average position at a lower price.

What has SilverBack Advertising been doing to monitor my quality score before these Google Adwords changes?

Understanding the large importance of quality score and the many impacts it has on clients’ advertising efforts, our team has used a script to track changes in quality score using Google Drive. This is one way we actively leverage quality score and go beyond basic execution to better optimize campaigns.

How do I benefit from these new quality score columns?

Anytime you notice a significant positive or negative change in your quality score:

  1. Add the columns which show the components of quality score – both current and historical.
  2. Review which component of quality has contributed to the increase or decrease
  3. Do an in-depth analysis of changes made to the account that could have effected a change in one of those components

Google Adwords Quality Score Columns Expanded

While there are many ways to identify opportunities in your SEM account, here are some starting points of changes that may affect the components of quality score:

  • Landing Page Quality: web page content, page load time (especially mobile load time)
  • Ad Relevance: search term and keyword relevance to your ad copy
  • Anticipated CTR: ad copy, average position

While the new quality score columns do not answer all of quality score questions, they certainly help steer advertisers in the right direction.


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